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Brendan Rodgers considers Scott Brown as an all-time great

Scott Brown is a 32 year old midfielder who has been performing with Celtic FC since August of 2007 and has turned into one of the most influential figures of the Scottish club.

His impact in Celtic Park has certain been felt by everyone in the club as Scott Brown was given the captaincy armband on February of 2010 and this was mainly due to his contributions towards Celtic FC.

The contract of Brown with the Scottish outfit extends until December of 2018 and taking into consideration that the veteran player is 32 years old, it´s highly likely that he is entering the final few seasons of his career at Celtic Park.

Now that Scott Brown´s time in Celtic FC is reaching it´s last stages, Brendan Rodgers took the chance to express his thoughts concerning the player who has been the captain of the club for over 5 years.

¨Scott’s someone I want here while I’m here, that’s for sure. He’s a remarkable player who will go down as one of the greatest captains in the club’s history. He’s done it over the course of 10 years here but what he did last season puts him alongside the greatest captains. Scott’s still hungry and driven to keep winning and performing. You see the level he’s at. He has turned 32 and is coming in to an exciting period in his career¨

“He’s definitely someone I’ll be looking to do something with. He and I have talked about it a few times. He’ll be around for another few years just yet. He has been a truly inspirational player, and a brilliant player, as well as the club captain.” Celtic´s Brendan Rodgers said as he praised Scott Brown and hailed everything that he has done to the club.