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Celtic Football Club v Ross County

Currently at the top of the Scottish Premier League, Celtic take on Ross County on 22 January at home. Ross County is currently third from the bottom of the Scottish Premier League table, and just one point ahead of St Mirren and 6 above Dundee.

So, will this be the one sided match that most people are predicting? Certainly the bookmakers believe that it will and currently odds on a Celtic victory are around 2/11, though for the diehard Ross County fans who enjoy betting on their club, they can find odds as high as 12/1, and a draw is priced at around 7/1.

Betting on Celtic is currently rather difficult, as it is almost written in stone that the club will win the Scottish Premier League, and some bookmakers are almost calling the result already by offering odds of just 1/250 on, though if you shop around you can find slightly better odds of 1/100; still not really worthwhile as you would be far better off using your stake money at an online casino (Play here on their football themed games). Aside from getting better odds for your money on Lucky Nugget’s games it may be a little more exciting – let’s face it, whether you’re putting money on the game or money on the poker table one of the main reasons you’re doing it is for the thrill.

Conversely though, if you think that there is just a chance that Celtic will fail in the latter part of the season, you can get excellent odds on just about any other club; for instance even second placed Motherwell is priced at 100/1 to win the league by some bookmakers.

Certainly the demotion of rangers to the third division as a result of their debt crisis has done nothing to increase the excitement of the best in Scottish Premier League football. Certainly the future of Scottish football is doubt, and it is likely that there will be significant changes in the future. Meanwhile it seems that Celtic just want to maintain their position at the top of the league while devoting most of their efforts to European football.