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The injury of Beram Kayal has been a big shock for the Celtic team, but they continue to remain hopeful that they will win the title even without the star player.

The Celtic boss Neil Lennon said that it was an unfortunate turn of events that Beram will be sidelined for the next four months due to an ankle injury, but nonetheless, the team has to continue to perform and win.

One of the key areas that Celtic is known for is their midfield position and Kayal was a pivotal player in this sense.

Hence his surgery will come as a big blow to the entire team, especially now he has been ruled out for a month. However, all are optimistic that in the light of other players, the entire team might end up performing well and may not have to go through a lot of struggle to ensure their victory.

The ankle injury happened when there was a challenge from Lee McCulloch, but Lennon does not want to blame anyone for this mishap. He realizes that this was quite unfortunate and both players were equally committed in their game and never meant for something like this to happen on purpose.

To ensure that the team manages to cope up with the loss, Lennon is about to introduce some of the players who are young but are ready to play and these include the likes of Emilio, Kelvin Wilson and Paddy McCourt amongst the many others. Playing youngsters instead of Kayal will have an impact on Celtic's online Scottish Premier League odds.

Lennon and the rest of the Celtic team hope that ligament damage of Kayal is healed at the earliest and the surgery comes out to be quite successful. All fans have their fingers crossed for an improvement in the game play for the Celtics.