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Celtic star Emilio Izaguirre has said that he expects to come back strong over the next few months in order to capture the Player of the Year award he won last season.

The 25-year-old full-back suffered a serious injury recently and has been out of the first team action for quite a while now.

However, speaking on his return from first-team action, the defender has said that he expects the title to be his once he returns to form. In the absence of Emilio Izaguirre, players like Gary Hooper and Scott Brown have become the favourites of the crowd.

Emilio Izaguirre joined Celtic last season and was an instant success. He was immediately named Player of the Year by his peers. Even though the aforementioned players have become more important for Celtic in the last few months, the defender has said that he expects to become one of the main members of the squad following his return from injury.

Celtic have staged a remarkable comeback in the Scottish Premier League after trailing Rangers by as many as 8 points during the early part of the campaign. Now, Celtic lead the Rangers by a massive 21 points on look on course to win the title from Rangers. According to the Scottish Premier League odds online, Celtic have an 95% chance of winning the title.

“It is very sad to be here after the way my year has gone, with me not playing at the same level as I was last season. I am just concentrating on getting my fitness back up and contributing to Celtic’s success. The doctors have always told me this is an injury a lot of footballers have had and you can recuperate from it," Emilio Izaguirre when asked about the possibility of him returning to the level he once was when he joined Celtic more than a year ago.