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The manager of Celtic FC, Neil Lennon, has denied the reports that he is a bit upset with the club board because they are not providing him enough money to spend during the mid season transfer window.

According to Lennon, the relationship between him and the members of the board is quite good and they are always ready to provide him the cash to land the player he wants at the Celtic Park.

Celtic has played impressive football in the 2013-14 Scottish Premier League so far. They have won 17 out of their 20 matches and are at the top of the table. But, still, Lennon reckons that he needs to strengthen his side in the mid season. Thus, he is looking around for players especially the attacking ones.

When the Celts manager was asked yesterday about the reports of dispute between him and the board members, he said, “These is no credibility whatsoever in these reports. My relationship with the board is absolutely fine. There is nothing like dispute and all.”

“As far as the bucks are concerned, they are available, but, the important thing is that they get spent on the right kind of player.”

Celtic’s next match is against the Turkish club Galatasaray SK. That’s an Antalya Cup game and it will take place tomorrow. Lennon has planned to go into that match without some of his regular players.

When asked about that, he said, “Some of our guys have been playing nonstop since the last few months and they deserve to be given some time off. I want them to rest and then come back mentally fresh for the remaining games.”

The Celts have to play 12 more league games in the season and the way they are playing, they shouldn’t have any problem in defending their league crown.