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Celtic manager Neil Lennon has said that he wants the best from his players in the pre-season in order to perform well in the Champions League qualifiers that will follow. Neil Lennon has said that it is extremely essential that Celtic qualify for the Champions League next season in order to guarantee them around £ 30 million in revenue.

Like Rangers, Celtic are also in huge debts at the moment, but are some distance away from facing the same kind of problems as Rangers. In order to avoid the same, Celtic manager Neil Lennon calls for the best pre-season from the club in order to do well in the Champions League qualifiers.

Neil Lennon took a side to Norwich to play in the Adam Drury's testimonial. It was a mixed result for Celtic as they lost 2-0 to the Premier league club. Speaking after the match, Neil Lennon has said that he does not want a repeat of the performance in the Champions League qualifiers. The club are likely to strengthen in the transfer window, but Lennon does not expect major changes after getting the club to the first Scottish Premier league title after many seasons. Lennon has also revealed that a number of players will be released from their contracts.

'It is a very difficult scenario you face when your first competitive game is going to be a Champions League qualifier. You could get a team who may be five or 10 games into their season, who are up to match speed. It is always a tightrope which you are walking, so we have worked with the players over the last few weeks of the season, with plans for them to do over the summer. Obviously we want them to have a break as well, but we want them to come back in at a pretty decent level of fitness for the start of pre-season again,' said Lennon.