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Ronny Deila boosting confidence of John Guidetti

Ronny Deila, the manager of Celtic FC, is intending to somehow make John Guidetti feel confident about his game again.

Guidetti, who is actually a Manchester City player and is playing in Scotland on loan at the moment, scored a lot of goals for Celtic in the first 10 games that he played.

But, there has been a sudden downfall in his performances of late and he has now gone 5 games in a row without shaking the net.

And, it’s not only about going goalless, the way he is playing, anyone, who knows a bit of Football, can say it’s not up to the mark.

Talking about Guidetti yesterday, Deila said, “John sets high standards for himself and he is gutted that he hasn’t contributed for the team as much as he thinks he should.

It’s proving to be a difficult period for him, but, he is a tough nut. He would get through it. Being the manager, I would definitely provide him every bit of help that he needs.”

“Again, it all comes down to the analysis. You’ve got to sit and have a look where you are going wrong and which are the areas that needs a bit of work. Training hard is the only way you can get yourself back into form I reckon.”

“He’s already shown his ability. He can’t become an awful footballer in just a couple of weeks. At times, a minor thing can affect your whole game. So, it’s important from a player’s point of view to address the issue as soon as possible.”

“To get him back on the ball is as much of a challenge for me as it is for him. I am in charge here and thus, it’s my responsibility to help the guy through.”