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Ronny Deila has tried to curb the enthusiasm of the fans

Celtic manager has Celtic manager Ronny Deila has tried to curb the enthusiasm of the fans by suggesting that it would almost be impossible for the club to win the treble the season.

The absence of Rangers in the last three seasons has enabled Celtic to amass nine trophies. Rangers are widely expected to be back in the Scottish Premier league from next season. This would see the start of intense competition for Celtic. Hence, the club want to win as many trophies as possible in the 2015-16 season. Deila has come under widespread criticism in the last six months owing to poor form even in the league.

The club’s vast resources coupled with some of the best support in British football have not been able to contribute much in terms of league dominance. Celtic have struggled to maintain an advantage over Aberdeen. For long periods of the season, it has been the latter who have been looking likely to win the league title. Failure to win the league without competition from Rangers would be very disappointing for Celtic. Even though their form has recovered in last few weeks, it remains far away from dominance. Apart from winning the league title, Celtic are also expected to capture the League Cup and the Scottish cup. Deila, though, thinks that winning the treble will be difficult.

“It is important to give others credit as well and not say that everything is so bad now. Why do we play football here if everything is so easy? You could just give us the three trophies at once if that was the case.Not so many have done the treble but all the managers have tried. You can see how hard it is. You can’t do anything about the pressure or the results, you can do something about the performances and get the team to develop in the right direction,” said Deila.