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Celtic's Alan Thompson has said that he is extremely certain that the final old firm derby of the season will not be different from the ones that have been played over the years.

This is certainly a unique situation whereby this could be the last old firm derby ever. Rangers are currently in a difficult financial situation after having been put into administration following their failure to pay the taxes. It is thought that Rangers are in debt burden that could be as high as £ 50 million. No buyer has been found for the club as of yet, which has put their future in huge doubt.

This, though, will not prevent the old firm derby from losing its intensity according to Alan Thompson. He believes that the match will be played at the same frantic pace and the same intensity will be showed by the players on the pitch. Celtic managed to win the title from the grasp of Rangers, although it was a hollow win due to the fact that Rangers have been docked points following their administration. Still, Alan Thompson says that it is a title that the club deserved for their endeavours during the whole season.

"Certainly not from our point of view and I'm sure it will be the same from Rangers' come Sunday. I just think you try and take it as a game you want to win. If they are going to be out of the league for three years, it could be Ally McCoist's [the Rangers manager] last one or whatever, then they will want to win it. That's the mentality we're taking – that they are coming to have a real go, that they want to try and win the game," Alan Thompson said that regarding the speculation that it will be a meaningless game.